Baseball Pitching Machine

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Baseball Pitching Machine

Casey pro 3g baseball pitching machine. Introducing the innovative micro-adjustment system that allows for instant pitch changes for game like training. Quickly and precisely move the selected pitch up/down or left/right. Ideal for positioning a pitch to an exact location for repetitive training or for mixing up pitches to replicate game situations. Micro-adjustment feature: adjust pitches in specific increments for pinpoint control, adjust height in a 36" range, adjust left/right in an 18" range. Center-of-gravity design allows for full 360 degrees left/right rotation and 120 degrees vertical pivot. Position indicators index pitch locations and changes. Variable speed control: 30-100 mph. Throws sliders, curves, knuckle balls, and fastballs. Requires 110 volt ac power. Lifetime warranty. 22 Ball capacity.

Detailed specifications of baseball pitching machine

  • Quickly and precisely
  • Lifetime warranty

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