Basketball Court Grip

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Dusty hardwood floors won't slow down athletes when they use this Mission™ Court Grip™ Sneaker Traction Increaser. Designed to be easily applied to the bottom of basketball or volleyball players' sneakers, this formula helps prevent them from slipping as they make a fast break for the bucket or wind up for a devastating spike. This Court Grip™ comes with a durable microfiber applicator, so users can quickly improve their traction to help them dominate the competition.

      • Helps enhance athletes' traction when they play on dusty court surfaces
      • Perfect for protecting players from injuries caused by slipping
      • Includes a durable microfiber tool for simple application to the bottom of users' sneakers
      • Available in basketball and volleyball formulas for use on different court styles
      • Activity: Basketball, Volleyball
      • Brand: Mission™
      • Product Type: Court traction formula
      • Product Use/Compatibility: Applies to the bottom of athletic sneakers
    • Simply apply to the bottom of player's sneakers
    • Increases court traction on dusty courts
    • Helps prevent injuries from court slippage
    • Durable microfiber applicator