Macgregor Major League Base

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Macgregor Major League Base

Give your diamond a big-league look with this macgregor® major league base. Base runners can easily identify the next bag, as bright white color stands out against the infield dirt. Coaches can encourage proper sliding techniques when stealing second or taking third on an overthrow because the base is built to help prevent sliding injuries. Equipped with a welded stanchion pan, the base can stay anchored around the diamond through high-intensity runs, and groundskeepers don't have to worry about bolts coming loose during field maintenance.

Detailed specifications of macgregor major league base

  • Heavy gauge
  • No bolts
  • Reduce sliding
  • Dimension: 15" x 15" x 3"
  • Colors: White, Silver
  • Material: Foam, Rubber


Inventaire This product will be available in June 2022

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