Macgregor NFHS Fast Pitch Softball

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Macgregor NFHS Fast Pitch Softball

Pitchers can send challenging fastballs flying to home plate with the macgregora 12 in. Nfhs fast-pitch softballs. Outfielders are able to track fly balls with ease thanks to the yellow cover, and the contrast created by the red stitching helps batters identify the pitch as it's hurled toward the dish. Keep the dugout stocked for the whole season ahead, as the poly graphite core and leather cover are designed to withstand hits with more force than a bunt or slap.

Detailed specifications of macgregor nfhs fast pitch softball

  • Poly graphite
  • Catch pop flies.
  • Flying to home
  • Product colors: Yellow/Red/Black
  • Product material: Leather

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