Macgregor Varsity Fielders Glove

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Macgregor Varsity Fielders Glove

Make sure your fielders are equipped with the proper glove for catching pop flies, line drives and hits near the fencing with this macgregor® varsity 12 in. Right-handed fielder's baseball glove. Whether the glove is being used in the infield or outfield, players can benefit from the added catching support provided by this glove's deep pocket and closed-web design. The pre-oiled leather expedites the breaking-in process, so shortstops can quickly throw the ball to home for an out and center fielders can jump and catch deep hits.

Fits left hand. Ideal for infield or outfield. Closed web design with pre-oiled leather construction. Quick and easy to break in.

Detailed specifications of macgregor varsity fielders glove

  • Wrist flexibility
  • Fielding the ball
  • Fits left hand
  • Colors: Brown, Black
  • Material: Leather
  • Dimension: 12 in.

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