Robic Countdown Timer

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Robic Countdown Timer

The robic sc-502 countdown timer lets you go back in time. You can set it to count down from 1 second to 100 minutes. Start and restart the timer as many times as you need with the time out/pause function. Resets to your pre-selected countdown time in a second. You have your choice of silent operation or audible completion alarm. Covered by 1-year manufacturer's warranty. Includes 3-year battery life and adjustable lanyard. The robic sc-502 countdown timer watches the clock for timed sporting events, circuit training, remote-control planes, and more.


Easiest to use! Shows time remaining for any event or activity. Set the time and it counts down to completion. silently or with audible confirmation.


Detailed specifications of robic countdown timer

  • Easiest to use
  • Circuit training
  • LR44 battery
  • Extra large display
  • 3-Year Battery Life


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