Neoprene Dumbbell Set

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Neoprene Dumbbell Set

Make sure your clients and gym members can quickly and easily find the equipment they need by installing this cap barbell complete neoprene dumbbell set and rack in your fitness center. The 95 color-coded weights stack on top of each other and fit into the rack's 10 vertical slots to help keep your gym neat and organized. Athletes can place the dumbbells on the ground between sets, since the hexagonal shape and neoprene coating prevent rolling and floor damage. With so many options available, from 1 - 10 lb., your trainees can choose the most comfortable weight to start building up strength in their arms, shoulders or back.

Detailed specifications of neoprene dumbbell set

  • Neoprene coated
  • Heavy duty
  • Complete set
  • Color: Blue, Red, Orange, Teal, Green, Lime Green, Purple, Pink, Magenta, Light Purple, Black
  • Weight: 16 - 1lb, 12 - 2lb, 10 - 3lb, 10 - 4lb, 9 - 5lb, 8 - 6lb, 8 - 7lb, 8 - 8lb, 7 - 9 lb, 7 - 10lb

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