Teamwork Trekker

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Gym teachers and fitness instructors can promote communication and cooperation among their students with these GameCraft® Teamwork Trekkers. Multiple users must balance on the same set of walkers, communicating and working together to move forward in unison while helping to improve their agility and physical well-being. Designed to be used on both indoor and outdoor surfaces, these Teamwork Trekkers have soft foam bottoms that'll keep gymnasium floors free from scuffs and damage.

      • Designed to boost athletes' balance, agility, coordination and cooperation
      • Students must use teamwork and communication to move forward on the same pair of walkers
      • Soft foam bottoms allow safe use on most indoor and outdoor surfaces
      • 5.5 in. wide walkers are perfect for ages 4 and up
      • Available in 36 in. two-person, 59 in. four-person and 96 in. six-person sizes
      • Brand: GameCraft®
      • Material: Foam
      • Product Type: Multi-person walkers
      • Product Use/Compatibility: Gym classes, recreational centers
  • Designed to develop balance, coordination, agility and cooperation
  • Students must communicate and work together in order to walk together
  • Features a soft foam bottom that will not harm gym floors
  • Use indoors or outdoors
  • Recommended for ages 4 and up
  • 5 1/2" wide
  • 2-Person Trekker 36" L
  • 4-Person Trekker 59" L
  • 6-Person Trekker 96" L