Worth RIF Little League Ball Level 5

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Worth RIF Little League Ball Level 5

Young ballplayers can build confidence at the plate and in the field with these worth rif level 5 little league baseballs. Rookie players may be a tad skittish of an approaching pitch or batted ball, which is why the rif (reduced injury factor) design helps quell the fear of getting hit and allows players to focus on developing fundamentals. Whether young athletes are practicing fielding drills or coaches are tossing during batting practice, everyone on the diamond can enjoy a sure grip on the ball thanks to the leather cover.

Detailed specifications of worth rif little league ball level 5

  • Poly-X Core
  • Leather cover stands
  • Softer and lighter
  • Practices and games
  • Product colors: Black/Red/White
  • Product material: Leather

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