Payment policy

..:: We offer all usual payment methods, including credit card, cheque, and payment on invoice for established organisations ::..

We can accept payment by credit card, cheque (check), or by wire (bank) transfer. Established account holders can choose to pay on invoice. Cash payment and debit bank card can also be accepted but on pick up order only for non custom products.

Credit card Payment

Payment can be made by American Express, MasterCard or VISA credit cards using Paypal from our site. Note that you dont need to open an account with Paypal to make your payment but Paypal request that you re-entered your basic information for more security.

Unfortunately we can only charge AMEX in canadian currency. The conversion used by your credit card company may differ very slightly (higher or lower) from the rate we use so the USD$ price you are charged may vary slightly from that shown at checkout.

Cheque / wire transfer Payment

We can accept cheque payment (check) or wire (bank) transfer. Payment instructions will be given when you contact us by phone or by E-Mail and a copy will be e-mailed to you. Once payment is received your order will be processed.

Open Account Payment

We are happy to invoice established organisations. Contact us for all the details and procedure to open a corporate account with us. Net 30 days term can be offer under credit inquiry. We may ask the first order to be paid from credit card.