Enduro Fencing Set

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Enduro Fencing Set

Enduro fencing set: simply slide the poles though the permanent vinyl pockets in the mesh fencing and drive the pole into the turf with a rubber mallet. Your done, no ropes, ties, clips, hooks, etc. The vinyl pockets, spaced every 10", create an attachment to the pole that is uniform top to bottom for excellent durability and appearance.

Steel pilot hole tool is included for hard ground or purchase optional 12" auger to use with your drill, see installation tools. Optional ground sleeves are available for use when fences can't be left up for the season.

This enduro fencing package enables you to construct a portable outfield quickly and efficiently. Slide the poles through the vinyl pockets and drive the poles into the turf with a rubber mallet. That's all that is needed. The vinyl pockets are spaced every 10" allowing for uniformity and stability. A steel pilot hole tool is included to assist when you're working with hard ground.

Detailed specifications of enduro fencing set

  • Heavy-duty
  • No ropes
  • Vinyl pockets
  • Excellent durability
  • Uniformity and stability

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