Jugs Soft Toss Machine

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Jugs Soft Toss Machine

The best way for your players to become better batters is to practice. The jugs soft toss machine automatically tosses a ball every five seconds so kids get lots of practice hitting. Machine is designed to give batters a realistic toss of 3½'. Coaches and parent volunteers attest to the machine's help in improving their player's hitting ability. Machine can be used for fielding drills too. This is a solid piece of equipment with an iron action bar. Easily transportable for practice on the field, or to set up in the backyard for some extra hitting practice. No electricity needed — the jugs soft toss machine runs up to eight hours with an internal rechargeable battery (charger included). Drill book included.

Detailed specifications of jugs soft toss machine

  • Automatically tosses
  • Holds
  • No electricity
  • Product weight: 13 lb
  • Rechargeable battery

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