Safefoam Padding

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Keep players and fans safe with this 8 ft. Safefoam Padding, which slides over round pipes for use in many sports facilities. Whether you want to protect the guardrail behind the dugout or cushion the goal posts on the practice soccer field, just slip the durable foam padding over the fence or railing to cover any sharp edges and minimize impact during fast-action dives and saves. Players can focus on the game and fans can enjoy watching it when your baseball or soccer field is in top shape.

      • Great for outdoor sporting arenas, such as baseball diamonds and soccer fields
      • Made of tough foam to protect players and fans and prevent snags, tears and other accidents
      • Pre-slit design makes it easy to install the padding on most fences, posts and rails
      • 3.63 in. diameter tube fits securely over pipes up to 2.13 in. in diameter
      • 8 ft. length can be cut and mitered to fit your outfield fencing or dugout
      • Material: Foam
      • Product Length: 8 ft.
      • Product Use/Compatibility: Protective covering for fences and poles
      • Product Width: 2.13 in.
    • Premium grade padding for fence tops, pipes, rails, around dugouts, etc.
    • Pre-slit for easy installation
    • Fits completely over any round pipe that is 2-1/8" in diameter
    • Secure with 19" assorted color tie wraps (sold separately)
    • Minimum order of 6 pieces