Segmented Rope

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Children can double-dutch on the playground or work out in the gym using the US Games Segmented Skip Rope. Equip every student in your physical education class with a skip rope to promote participation and physical fitness while allowing them to have fun at the same time. With a variety of sizes to choose from, it's easy to provide students of all ages with the proper-size jump rope to participate in a variety of aerobic activities and fitness routines. Whether kids are using the skip rope on the gym floor or turf, you can be sure the rope will last through the school year thanks to the nylon cord with plastic segments.

      • Use to encourage children to participate in aerobic activities
      • Promotes physical fitness by encouraging exercise and activity
      • Solid nylon cord with plastic segments withstand impacts with hard surfaces
      • Handles on the end ensure students won't lose hold of the rope while rapidly jumping or skipping
      • Available in a variety of sizes to suit all ages
      • Activity: Jump Rope
      • Brand: US Games
      • Material: Plastic
      • Weighted Handles: No
      • A great aerobic activity that helps to fight child obesity.
      • This item is Latex free!
      • For players up to 4' 10" tall
  • Designed for use by all age groups and skill levels
  • An economical way to promote mass participation
  • Great for a fun, aerobic workout
  • Features durable, plastic segments over a solid long-lasting nylon cord