Spalding Super Glass

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The Spalding® SuperGlass Collegiate Package is a regulation 42x72" glass backboard with border and target. Has a center strut option for indirect mounts. Backboard has pre-drilled aluminum frame for bolt-on backboard padding (included). Uses T-Plate technology so the hardware is hidden behind the backboard and invisible to players in game situations. Package works with the Slammer Competitor 180 Goal to reduce stress on the backboard by evenly distributing force. Has an adjustable reflex mechanism and a tube-tie net system. It's a performance goal with 180-degree flex action.
Available backboard padding colors: black, forest green, gold, gray, kelly green, light blue, maroon, navy, orange, purple, red, royal blue.

The Spalding SuperGlass Collegiate Backboard Package meets all NCAA, NFHS and FIBA specifications.

Included backboard:

  • Regulation 42" x 72" glass backboard with border and target
  • Center strut option for indirect mounts
  • Pre-drilled aluminum frame for bolt-on backboard padding (included)
  • Twenty year warranty (indoor use only)

Included goal:

  • Slam-Dunk pro goal with universal mounting pattern
  • Easy glide net system
  • Anti-whip net and mounting hardware
  • Seven year warranty

Backboard padding colors: Black, Forest Green, Gold, Grey, Kelly Green, Light Blue, Maroon, Navy, Orange, Purple, Red, Royal Blue

Package meets all NCAA, and NFHS and FIBA specifications