Trapezoid Vaulting

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Trapezoid Vaulting

Furnish any gym or fitness studio with the trapezoid foam vaulting box to provide students and members with a fun way to work on motor skills, jumping capabilities and beginner gymnastic maneuvers. Vaults can be performed seamlessly with the box acting as a horse, or the box can be used as a spotting platform for gymnasts and cheerleaders as they take to the air. Held tightly together by hook-and-loop fasteners, each of the unit's four sections is bright in color to add vibrancy to any athletic setting.

Detailed specifications of trapezoid vaulting

  • Hook and loop fasteners
  • vaulting horse
  • Beginner gymnastic maneuvers
  • Product dimention: 36"x48"
  • Product color: Blue/Red/Yellow/Teal
  • Product material: Foam

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