Voice Recording Megaphone

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Extremely useful while you're at a large sporting event spread out over a wide area and you need to keep in touch with your team or squad--Use this 800 Yard Range Voice Recording Megaphone as your own portable message center. Record a message up to 60 seconds long and it will repeat hands-free, saving your vocal cords from having to shout all day. Designed with 20 watts of power, it has a range of 800+ yards so you're sure to be heard by your students. Operates on 8 "C" not- included batteries. Allow your voice be heard via the 800 Yard Range Voice Recording Megaphone without having to strain your vocal chords.


  • 800 yard range - 20 watts of power
  • Features the ability to use as a portable message center
  • Record up to a 60 second message and it will repeat hands free
  • Siren switch 
  • Operates on (8) C batteries (not included)