Wilson GST Leather Serie

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Athletes can march down the field toward the end zone with this Wilson® GST® 1003 Leather Football. Whether slinging downfield bombs or diving over the goal line, players can securely hold onto the ball thanks to the deep-pebbled WE 863 Leatherâ"¢ exterior. As quarterbacks are carving up the defense with precision passes or firing a long-distance throw to a streaking receiver, they can help ensure accurate tosses with tight spirals, since the composite stripes and ACLâ"¢ Laces deliver a firm grip in the pocket.

      • Multi-ply bladder helps retain air and offers moisture control for consistent performance
      • WE 863 Leather construction with tanned-in tack and deep pebbling helps quarterbacks, running backs and wide receivers maintain a sure hold on the ball
      • Pebbled composite ACL Laces and sewn-on stripes give quarterbacks a secure grip on the ball to pump fake, pass and unleash tight spirals
      • Multilayered lining maintains the ball's shape through punts, kicks and fumbles
      • Collegiate pattern approved by the NFHS and NCAA for high school or collegiate play
      • Activity: Football
      • Brand: Wilson
      • Color: Brown, White, Black
      • Color Family: Brown
      • Laced: Yes
      • Material: Leather
      • Pump Included: No
      • Quantity: 1
    • Wilson 863 WE leather construction with tanned-in tack, deeper pebble and firmer texture 
    • Exclusive sewn in grip stripes are 82% more gripable than painted on stripes
    • ACL Lacing with dual sided lace re-inforcers 
    • Official size is NFHS approved