Wireless Shotclocks

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Wireless Shotclocks

Players, coaches, referees and fans will know how much time remains for the offense to attempt a shot with the wireless basketball shot clocks. The shot clocks' large leds display how much time is left for the offense in bright red numbers, while the timers above display the time remaining in the period. Scorekeepers can keep the clocks running with the built-in rechargeable batteries or plug them in to an outlet with the ac power cord, and fans and referees can keep their eyes on the game as built-in horns sound if there is a shot clock violation.

Detailed specifications of wireless shotclocks

  • LED shot clocks
  • Loud-sounding horns
  • Colored numbers against
  • Officials and scorekeepers
  • Product colors: Black/Red/Yellow
  • Product weight: 12 lb

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